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My addiction had cost me everything. I was in and out of jail. My relationships were all in ruins and I had burned every bridge back to hope, or so I thought! God opened the door for me to come to Faith Farm. Faith Farm is not just a “program”, it is an encounter with God and I will be eternally grateful.
Before coming to Faith Farm, I was addicted to heroin for almost ten years, and my life was out of control. After several arrests and overdoses, I hit rock bottom and knew I needed help. Since coming to Faith Farm my life has been transformed through the love of God and I am excited about my future.
EmilyEastham Home for Women
While at Faith Farm, the work was real important. It conditioned me to get up every day and it taught me that I am worth something and employable again. It was a large part of regaining confidence and regaining my daily drive so I could re-enter the word with strength.
DonnBoynton Beach